An electric surfboard works via a motor that sends water through a nozzle at the back of the board, providing enough thrust to move the board forward. The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, which has enough capacity to provide a running time of 20 to 45 minutes, depending on your style and various other riding conditions. The electric motor is steered by a hand remote with an easy-to-use thumb throttle that allows the motor to run at your desired speed with complete control.

No, electric surfboards are actually very easy to ride! You just need a little practice, which is typical for most water sports activities. Our tip for beginners is to start by lying down flat, which will enable you to get the surf-like feel. Speed and acceleration will always work in your favour as far as stabilization goes  because they’ll help you plane— so once you start going faster, you’ll slowly be able to stand up. Most of our riders can stand up on our electric boards within 30 minutes of trying them for the first time.

Yes, you can absolutely ride in salt water, but you should always rinse the entire board with fresh water after to remove any salt residue. Included in our Complete Jetboard Package is a Radinn water bottle to help you rinse the jetboard clean.

Our Carve jetboard is specifically designed to ride through waves. For our other models, wave and wake-riding is possible and makes the experience more challenging.

Our Explore and Freeride jetboards, however, unfold their true magic in smooth waters when the rider can take full control of the board’s speed and agile movements.

Each of our jetboards has their unique advantages.

The Explore is best used on flat, open bodies of water. This jetboard is perfect for going on long rides exploring the nature around you.

The Freeride is our ultimate, all-purpose product. This jetboard holds the perfect balance between agility and stability, and can slice through slice through waves and choppy waters.

The Carve takes longer to master for those unfamiliar with board sports, but offers a unique turning style and trick capabilities that seasoned boardsports enthusiasts crave. This jetboard is also great through choppy waters— it is designed to carve through waves and responds readily when riders initiate a turn.

Wetsuits aren’t a requirement to enjoy jetboarding, but they are highly recommended as they keep your body warm while you ride and also offer a degree of protection for your legs, knees, and elbows, which can sometimes get bruised and scuffed as you master standing up. The other benefit of a wetsuit is the buoyancy they offer. If you don’t wear a wetsuit, then a PFD lifejacket is recommended. 

Wetsuit booties are also recommended for riding in colder Northern waters and climates. 


Explore – 15,45kg / 34lbs,

Freeride – 11,8kg / 26lbs,

Carve – 8,9kg / 19,5lbs.


Jetpacks: 12kg / 26 lbs 

Batteries: 23kg/50 lbs.

Compatible with the US plug, you can charge the battery in any 220V / 110V outlet. It is important when you charge that the charging area, the chargers and the connectors, are all  completely dry and safe from splashing. If multiple appliances are running on the same fuse, make sure that it can bear an additional 2,000 Watts of energy.

Further details about batteries and charging can be found in our User Guide.

Your riding speed is controlled with the wireless hand remote, which allows you to adjust the speed and acceleration rate of your jetboard with smooth and precise control.

You accelerate by pressing the throttle, and slow down by reducing pressure. To avoid falling while trying to master riding the board, it is important to increase and decrease the throttle gradually.

If you buy a jetboard kit outfitted with the standard package (standard jetpack + long range battery), you have the option to upgrade to the Pro package (Pro jetpack + extended range battery) through Radinn directly, any time you’re ready!

The first thing you need to do is purchase the software upgrade kit from the Radinn website. Once you have completed your purchase, you’ll receive an order confirmation email. Next, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email letting you know your dry bag (if you purchased a battery upgrade) or your nozzle (if you purchased a jetpack upgrade) has been shipped. This email will also contain your upgrade code which you can redeem in the Radinn App.

The maximum speed registered on our electric surfboards is 35 mph (56km/h).

Radinn offers two types of performance options— Standard and Pro. Our Standard speed reaches up to 25 mph (40km/h) and our Pro speed reaches up to 35 mph (56km/h). It’s also important to note that the speed can be affected by the rider’s weight, riding style and the weather and battery conditions.

You have the option to pay in USD or CAD for your order.  Payments made in CAD will be charged at the rate posted. 

If you’d like to pay via credit card, a 3% processing fee applies.

Payments via wire transfer have no fee. 

Payments via EMT have no fee : sales@aqueousjetsurf.com

Unless making your payment through the site, get in touch via email to place and confirm your order.


Always make sure your assembly and battery insertion take place in a dry area.

Carefully insert the battery into the battery compartment and close the quarter-turn locks on both sides and the top.

Fasten the leash around your ankle securely and attach the magnet kill-switch to its cradle at the backside of the board.

Proceed to connect your board to the hand remote. Next, press the throttle down for a few seconds until the LEDs light up. Once a connection is established, the LEDs will stop flashing.

You can now take your board into the water to ride.

We offer two types of battery range:

Standard, with an estimated ride time of about 30 minutes, and

Extended, with an estimated ride time of about 45 minutes. 

Note that riding times will always depend greatly on variables such as riding style, rider weight, the battery pack’s level of charge, and the air and water temperature. If you go at top speed and really explore the performance of the board, you’ll have a shorter riding time. If you cruise at a more moderate speed, you’ll be riding for longer. While these are common factors, they are not a guarantee of effective riding time. 

Do NOT connect the battery to the board. Instead, allow it to dry for a couple of hours. To prevent this from happening, always make sure you store the board in dry conditions and assemble/disassemble the board away from the water.

The maximum weight for our jetboards varies depending on the model. The Explore and Freeride jetboards can carry up to 130kg / 285 lbs, while the maximum weight limit for The Carve jetboard is slightly lower (100kg / 242lbs) due to its reduced buoyancy. 

You get only wet! Our boards are designed with a safety strap that velcros around your ankle and attaches to the board via a magnetic kill switch. Should you fall off while riding, the strap will disconnect and the board will turn off automatically. When you reattach the leash, the hand control reconnects to the board will allows you to continue your adventure.

Our complete jetboard package consists of one board model, one jetpack, and one battery. For every complete board, you’ll also receive a charger, one pair of fins, a wireless hand remote, and a board leash—everything you need to make the most out of your ride.

Foot binding straps are also included with the Carve board kit.

With our regular charger, the average battery charging time is 8 hours. With our speed charger, it is 3 hours.

In most countries,  you can ride jetboards in any body of water as long as you follow the local rules and regulations. Please check with your local authorities for areas that are restricted and always respect the no-wake zones (e.g. in port areas). Be especially careful in areas with a lot of boat traffic and always be respectful when swimmers are around. 

Our jetboards are manufactured with expensive materials, including powerful motors, lithium-ion batteries, and durable carbon bodies. Additionally, each jetboard component is packed with the latest cutting-edge technology that allows our customers to secure performance upgrades and firmware updates. Development of a new jetboard model takes up to 12 months. To justify the cost of production and importation, we sell our jetboards at the current price point.

Yes, you can!

We have test ride facilitators in Ontario, located in Toronto and the Kawarthas; and in BC, we’re located in Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler. Email us with your location and we’ll get you set up with a test ride, ASAP!